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Unitech RT112

70 / per month



RT112 is a lightweight yet rugged tablet to provide efficient and reliable mobile data with 10.1 inch screen. Featured 5G and WLAN 6E wireless communication, it is designed for field service, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and transportation.

Seamless and Connectivity via Wireless Communication

Featuring Bluetooth® 5.2, wireless WLAN 6E with fast roaming and 5G connectivity for real-time data collection, user can scan the item and instantly connect to the backend system to find out the quantity in stock or make an online order for customers. The RT112 delivers a seamlessly work experience and improves productivity for various applications, making it faster downloads and uploads at user’s fingertips on the most reliable networks for your business.

5G IOT Platform

Equipped with the Qualcomm 5430 5G IoT Platform, the RT112 offers seamless integration into the future of technology. Its robust 5G capabilities ensure lightning-fast data transfer and a responsive online experience, all while being optimized for the demands of the Internet of Things. With a focus on longevity, the RT112 boasts an extended life cycle, making it an ideal investment for those seeking a device that will remain relevant and efficient for years to come.

Support ARCore Technology 

The RT112 rugged tablet supports ARCore technology that allows developers to create augmented reality apps to sense its environments and interact with information. The RT112 enhances the CPU and built in the quality of both the camera and the motion sensors, it gives users stable performance to handle everything.

The ARCore technology transforms the way people work that helps to locate and identify the elements in warehouse management, allows training for the user while executing the production processes, and precise details of the areas at risk allow for increased vigilance limiting accidents in field service applications.

Durable Design

The RT112 enhances the industrial durable protection with features including IP67 dustproof, waterproof, and 1.5 meters resistance to fall protection. That means it covers fully protected from dust and can survive in 1 meter of water for up to 30 mins. The MIL-STD-810H standard assures an overall environmental vibration and humidity. The light tablet with a slim 12mm edge is designed for workers to comfortably capture data and check inventory in high portability from day to night. For an easy touch and view, the 10.1”display supports glove and wet touch mode with 450 nits brightness.

With the capability to support glove thickness of up to 4mm, the RT112 ensures effortless touchscreen navigation, accommodating a wide range of materials. Whether you prefer a 2mm cotton glove or a robust 3mm work glove, our technology seamlessly adapts, delivering unparalleled convenience while preserving the comfort of your gloved hands!

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