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About Us

Welcome to Foringi: Command your Enterprise!

At Foringi, we distinguish ourselves as the commanders of innovation in the realm of technology rentals. Here, we craft an unparalleled experience where expertise, tailored solutions, and unwavering support come together seamlessly.

Industry Knowledge

Command the intricate terrain of technology with assurance, led by Foringi’s squad of seasoned experts. Our arsenal of industry knowledge isn’t just a supplement to device rentals; it’s a gateway to profound insights and specialized expertise. Our unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements empowers us to furnish you with solutions that are not only current but also forward-thinking and adaptive to industry trends.


In the spirit of a skilled commander, Foringi goes beyond the standard, delivering tailor-made technology solutions designed exclusively for your distinctive needs. Our adept team engages in a collaborative mission, delving into the specifics of your requirements. The outcome is a meticulously crafted rental package that harmonizes effortlessly with your objectives. Be it personalized device configurations or specialized tech bundles, Foringi pledges an experience that transcends mere convenience – a truly customized and strategic alliance.

Implementation & Support

Undertake a technology integration expedition with Foringi, where the commitment to seamless implementation is akin to a well-executed strategy. Our unwavering support is the backbone of this mission. Opting for Foringi means more than acquiring devices; it signifies forming a strategic partnership devoted to ensuring your triumph. Our support transcends the transaction, offering continuous assistance to ensure the flawless functionality of your rented technology.

A Commander's Legacy

Derived from the Icelandic term for Commander, Foringi embodies the essence of leadership. As the commander of your business, seizing control of assets, materials, and operations is paramount. Leveraging the cutting-edge in technology, Foringi stands ready to provide the pivotal advantage your operational needs demand!

Industry 4.0

Technology is constantly evolving and as we enter into Industry 4.0 there are ton of new innovations and technologies coming out. Foringi is there to support your organizations move from the cloud to the edge and from paper forms and excel spreadsheets to real-time data capture.